Single Review - "VI$ION" by RETROI$AWESOME

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

New Jersey-based rapper, RETROI$AWESOME, never fails to use his fire-streaking bars to school the know-it-alls and haters about what it means to go and get it. Additionally, RETROI$AWESOME is transparent through lyrics, often speaking on his prestigious fashion style and personal experiences. His newest track, "VI$ION," only proves that he keeps an unwavering hustle and is in full focus. For he is ready for whatever comes next.

"VI$ION" is a drill music offering that exemplifies RETROI$AWESOME's proficient wordplay and ability to coast on any beat. Additionally, "VI$ION" only proves that he doesn't wait for opportunities and instead creates them. Between lyrics, RETROI$AWESOME calls out the bluff of men who call themselves "trappers," saying he lived what he raps about. Likewise, the "Aight Bet" spitter reflects on his achievements and the obstacles he hurdled over, which in turn, earned him much success.

"You can't flex it on the Gram if its rented/cop the Infinity, windows is tinted," he raps. He then follows with, "Can't no one but me really say where I'm headed," and "They be like 'Richard you ain't in them streets no more.' Sorry that shit is pathetic."

Moving forward, RETROI$AWESOME will debut a feature-film called AWE$OME sometime in 2020. The flick will explore the backstory of a talented young artist who is gifted a magical coin that grants his deepest wish.2020. The flick takes place as a duel set collection, including the original soundtrack by the artist.

"VI$ION" is accompanied by a visual which sees RETROi$AWESOME flexing with his swaggiest attire while making moves on-the-go. Watch trailer here.

Watch the music video for "VI$ION" by RETROI$AWESOME below by clicking here:

By: Natalee Gilbert

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