YungT - "Smoke In The West" Review

Paterson, New Jersey's very own, YungTis a rapper who doesn't shy away from being honest in his lyrics. Listening in, you'll come to know that the "On My Mind" spitter uses the pen and pad as his confidant. 

Once the beat drops, YungT gets straight to the point as he details his experiences with family, friends, and foes, to name a few. At the same token, he leaves room to flex (because he simply can). His dedication to the grind has earned him much success. Not to mention, YungT lets listeners in when speaking on his upbringing and internal thoughts. 

Sonically, YungT possesses an unmatched versatility. The artists' discography showcases his ability to blend a plethora of genres and cadences. Case in point, Yung T is undoubtedly someone that you'll want to keep on your radar. 

His project, We Ain't The Sameis reflective of the notion that I mentioned above. Clocking in at nearly 19 minutes, YungT's recent 4-track effort serves fans with direct raps about loyalty, his luxurious lifestyle, dealings with women, how he deals with the haters, and work ethic. One standout track off We Ain't The Same is titled "Smoke In The West."

YungT's "Smoke In The West" finds the musician delivering his verses in a swaggy cadence as he speaks about the ladies, chasing a check, smoking the finest herb, and haters who secretly "wanna be like T." 

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Over the electric guitar-led, bass-heavy, trap offering, he raps lines like:

"Follow me cause you know I'm trendy/I want it all gimme every penny."

Moreover, YungT speaks about the importance of never switching up on your day ones. "Never change when you get the chedda/Fuck a snitch to ever letter," he spits. Before the song closes off, its soundscape becomes slightly distorted, focusing only on the guitar arpeggio, hi-hats, and kick-snare. 

Listen to "Smoke In The West" by YungT here.

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